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Climate Facts

Climate Facts

My intention on these pages is to post facts (with sources) and links to facts and sources. Too often discussions about climate change degenerate into arguments about (what should be) facts. The aim of this page is to get the facts straight. The facts will be sorted more or less by issues. Some of the issues are basic to climate change, and others are issues that are given a lot of play by the media.

Polar Bears

Changes in Sea Level

  • Sea level since the last glaciation
  • Sea level rise at the present time
  • Sea level in the recent past
  • Temperature

  • Temperature for the last 11,000 years
  • Temperature for the last 400,000 years
  • Temperature for the last 1000 years
  • Arctic ice

    Antarctic ice

    Carbon dioxide

    Effect on the temperature of burning fossil fuels

    Solar activity

    Ocean temperature cycles

    Effects of warming and cooling in the past