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Index of photos

Index of Photos

1948 and before Family photos taken by my grandmother

1940-2011 Family photos of Hennie's family, assembled for her mother's 90th birthday

1980 Wedding photos

1981-2003 Once a year photos of my daughters growing up

1984 Helen and Amanda, Helen's first year

1985 New house in Aptos, little kids, book published

1986-87 Kids growing!

1992 St. Petersburg, Moscow, Budapest, Vienna, Linz, Holland, Paris

1998 Holland and Lindau

2001 Aptos and Paris

2004 Ireland (July)

2004 Holland (July)

2004 Mercator's Map at the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam

2005 In Memoriam: Harley (1995-2005)

2005 Mexico (April)

2005 Jamaica (December)

2006 Beijing (April)

2006 Summer in Aptos

2006 Point Lobos (September)

2007 New Year's in Holland

2007 June in Amsterdam and Bonn

2007 A day at the horse races (August 18)

2007 August in Aptos

2007 September: We get a new septic tank

2008 June-July: Garden's Bounty, Mom's visit, visiting Helen in Oakland

2008 August: Visiting Amanda in San Diego

2008 September: Kobe, Japan

2010 Amanda gets Laika

2011 Greece, Italy, and Holland

2012 July: Amanda and Laika Cross the USA

2014 June: Eugene for Helen's master's graduation

2015 July-Aug: Rochester and NYC with Amanda and Tom

2016 March: Hawaii with Hennie

2017 January: Hennie's broken hip in Apeldoorn

2023 September: South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana