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History of Geometry

History of Geometry

I had started to make a list of predecessors of Euclid, but then I discovered that such a list is part of the Wikipedia list of Greek geometers, so there's no point duplicating that list. However, in Paul Tannery's book La Géometrie Grecque I found some predecessors of Euclid listed who are not in that Wikipedia list:

More predecessors of Euclid

Léodamas of Thaso
Archytas de Tarente
Theéétete of Athens
Néoclide and Léon
Athenée of Cyzique
Amyclas of Héraclée
Theodius of Magneèsie
Harmotine of Colophon (who found several propositions of Euclid's Elements)
Philippe of Medinina